We are a welcoming, friendly and growing congregation, of all ages and backgrounds, who try to express and communicate God’s love in our daily lives.

We affirm a quiet but steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We believe that this faith is best expressed in welcoming those of all backgrounds, putting into practice the words of the hymn:

“All are Welcome in this Place.”

Times of worship

Every Sunday 9.30am Farnell 11am Gardner
(except Remembrance Sunday  9.15/10.50am & summer holiday shared service times 10am tbc  )

Farnell Sunday Christmas Service 6pm

Christmas Eve service 8pm at Gardner

Christmas Day service 10.30am tbc

Watch live or catch up on Services all available at (49) Gardner Memorial – YouTube

The Gardner Memorial, Brechin

We are the Gardner Memorial Church of Scotland Brechin, and we are united with Farnell Parish Church. Our congregational name is Brechin & Farnell Parish Church which means we are one congregation with two places of worship.  Town & Rural.

We affirm a quiet but steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. We believe that this faith is best expressed in welcoming those of all backgrounds, putting into practice the words of the hymn:

“All are Welcome in this Place.”

Whether you’re a member of another church, or a member of no church, you are welcome.

Whether you come in faith, or with questions and doubts, you are welcome.

Sunday Worship

We recognise that people worship God in a whole variety of ways for example through nature, music, art, and in practical ways as well as by coming to Church on a Sunday.

If you do join us on a Sunday morning you will find that we are welcoming and quite traditional. Our services tend to follow the traditional organ led hymn, reading, prayer, sermon pattern. That said, we are also willing to experiment to see if alternative approaches, eg. Messy Church and Café Church strike a chord.

We have additional services at Christmas and Easter and we welcome the local primary school to the Church twice a year.

If you do join us we would welcome suggestions re how to better meet your worship needs.

Pray, let us laugh

We are not inclined to take ourselves too seriously, and are used to laughter and applause in the course of a service.

Our Minister is

Adriaan van Tonder 

Adriaan had studied for his degree in theology at the University of Petoria in South Africa and was ordained as minister in the Dutch Reformed Church and worked in his hometown of Oudtshoorn at Welgeluk Church.   Later he became minister at the Dutch Reformed Church Aliwal North.  During his time working in South Africa he met and married his wife Sanelle and their first son Albert was born

Adriaan and his wife Sanelle dreamt of working and living abroad and then they heard the Church of Scotland was calling for Ministers from abroad to come serve here in Scotland.  In 2021 he applied for placement as minister on familarisation with the Church of Scotland and in 2022 they sold everything and moved to Glenrothes for a placement at St. Columba’s Parish Church.  Their second son Lukas was born in Scotland and after completing his placement he started his new role as Associate Minister in the Glenrothes cluster.

On Tuesday 13th February 2024, it was the start of a new chapter when his Induction Service was held to become Minister for Brechin & Farnell Parish Church.

Here are Adriaan’s thoughts in words for his future ministry here in Brechin.

“In terms of ministry, amongst many other things, these three things are most important:

Christ: This is why I do what I have been called to do: To glorify, serve, follow, and imitate our Lord, King, and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Calling: My calling to ministry has been something that has carried me through many trials and tribulations in ministry, and it has also brought me great joy and fulfillment.

Community: As a leader, I believe that God has called me to not only serve the faith community in Brechin and Farnell but also to serve the wider community. To be a presence in the community and to partner with other organisations and groups to try and make a difference”.


Meet the rest of the team

Visits from the Minister

If you would like a visit from the minister… to talk about a concern to share some ideas about the church, just to say hello and let us get to better know each other, to give the church money or any other reason, please let Elizabeth in the Office know and we will arrange a time to meet.

Church Office

The Church Office is open Tues 9am-1pm, Thurs 10am-12noon, Frid 9am-1pm.

e-mail: office@brechinfarnellchurch.org
telephone : 01356 629191

Please contact our Church Office with any questions or requests for Gardner Memorial or Farnell Parish Church.

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