The Nominating Committee has asked Adriaan Van Tonder to preach as sole nominee in the vacant charge of Brechin and Farnell Parish Church on Sunday 14th January at 09.30 in Farnell Church and at 11.00 in Brechin.


A paper vote will be taken after each service and the combined votes will be counted immediately after the 11.00am Gardner Service with the vote being verbally intimated to those members of the Congregation remaining. Only members registered on the Congregational Roll or Adherents are eligible to vote.


Thereafter, if the vote affirms that the Rev Adriaan Van Tonder should be the new Minister of Brechin and Farnell Parish Church there will be an 8 day period, beginning Monday 15 January, when members of the Congregation can sign the “Call”.  This is an A4 form with spaces for a number of signatures per page.  The Call will be available for signing after the service on 14th January and in the Church Office in Gardner between 10.00am and 12 noon of the 8 day period and after Sunday morning in both Churches.  The “Call” will also be available for signing in the Farnell Session Room throughout the 8 days. The “Call” can be signed even although a member was absent when Rev Van Tonder preached as sole nominee.


We are asking for a large turnout, if possible, as this is a very important factor,  the more signatures on the form, the stronger the “Call” to appoint a new minister when asking Presbytery to confirm the appointment and arrange the date of Induction.

It will only take a few minutes of your time.