For some of us the lack of religious activities means it has been a strange Easter.  For others it is the frustration of not getting to the shops to buy Easter eggs or planned holidays that have been cancelled.  For some it is just another day in the humdrum routine of life.
To be honest with you I haven’t missed the Religious activities.  I think that the rigmarole can mask the deeper meaning of Easter.  You see, I am not from the physical resurrection school of belief! Personally, I see Easter as another chance for spiritual resurrection and for the values of our faith to be reassessed and given new life.
So how about this as an Easter road map.
Good Friday is the time to recognise what of the values of faith have died.  Where have we strayed from the road that Jesus Christ walked.
Easter Saturday gives us time to reassess the values of our faith and to reclaim them.  For me, this is love of God and neighbour [Matthew 22:36-40], the essence of love as described by St Paul [1 Corinthian 13] and, again with St Paul, the Fruits of the Spirit [Galatians 5:22-23].  All that underpinned by a commitment to the Stewardship of Creation as described in Genesis 2:15.
Easter Day provides the opportunity to once again recommit to those values and through that to continue to give God’s love flesh.
Of course there is another thought here and it is this.
The Covid-19 Pandemic equates to Good Friday.
Easter Saturday is the recognition of the extreme vulnerability of how we have allowed society to evolve and how interlinked we are globally.
Easter Day is the explosion of caring and support that has gathered momentum during the Pandemic and the resolute determination not to return to the old ways of being and doing and to identify and walk new paths of stewardship, love and Christian values.

So, may this Easter be a time of spiritual refocussing and recommitment and may that lead to a time of social restructuring, increased global awareness and greater relevance of  God and the teaching of Jesus Christ.
And in that, may you find a renewed sense of purpose,  love and peace.